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From the Founder of Essx and FiberSport

Bruce Caldwell's Top Designed Vaulting Poles

Three design formulas for each stage of vaulting.


Easy to bend and will store more energy for power retention to lift your hips. Perfect for entry level vaulters.

Hybrid Carbon (HC)

Carbon poles are engineered, programming the wraps of material to align the soft side and the prebend at the exact point. Our prebend is cured in the oven to allow the pole to bend more easily, with outstanding carbon strength and energy return.

Carbon+Kevlar (Pro)

Proprietary carbon sail design infused with kevlar, perfecting the pull-turn-push phase of the jump. These poles are designed for those who jump over their grip height

Pole Tips

Every Pole includes the new BLUE CAM tip. The CAMBER FORCE COMPENSATOR pushes the pole back from the box. This action creates a greater angle in the box, taking the strain off the vaulter's back & making the pole easier to bend.

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